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Welcome to AstroSonic

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We have opened up the community for fellow interested contributors and initiated the process of registration. Details about how you can join the community is posted here.

This is our homestead

Visit this link to view our projects - Feel free to fork and contribute!

We are a budding community of open-source developers with nothing but computing devices, coding competency and big dreams in our minds. The reason why we all unite here is to leverage technology and automation to build cool applications and services as a solution to modern day problems all while learning from the experiences and having fun. No matter how old you are or how experienced you are at developing sofwares – we do realize that there is a first time for everything.

Many times, you might have dreamed of an awesome project and have gotten to work on it. Thousands of lines of code down with multiple assets built and bugs to fix, there is certainly a long way to go. But alas, you are quite unable to give your hundred percent of potential to it – be it because of monotonous assignments, meeting deadlines or just maintaining relationship with the partner of your dreams. It is okay. We all have been there and understand how sad it is to give up on a dream project.

Then we realized something great. Building cool applications and services is all about collaboration and sharing. Not every one can drive a project from the start till the end all alone. Adding to that, building projects all by yourself means to be in a constant lack of proper testing and shortage of valuable insights, thus leading to creation of something broken and with limited support. Not to mention, the constant headache of handling every aspect of building assets, writing codes and doing testcases.

There are millions of people across the globe who are interested in something you are passionate about. Being in the same community is a win-win situation for both as it would provide that person something to have fun with while you might just get your big idea executed. Once you are done, you can also prototype applications, write code and provide your insights to some other idea while working towards executing it as well. Believe it when we say, it is an endless stream of joyful contributions.

Being a community with no boundaries as to who can participate and contribute, we are very clear with the fact that you can always find yourself at home with us. Experience live projects, high stakes, real responsibility, artistic people and quirky developers. This is an opportunity to start from where you are and to rise high by building cool projects with your friends from all across the community. The team stands by with you in all the stages so you can finally get a big picture from your thumbnail.