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What is the community all about?


We at AstroSonic wish to extend this opportunity to all students and professionals – no matter what kind of expertise they have to get one-on-one with their status quo of leveling up several levels of contribution hierarchy before they reach a stage worth bragging about. Join today and let us know what you are good at. We are certain that the community is indeed looking for what you are that superpower and aching to see how you can contribute. Remember that a journey of thousand miles begins with one step.


We have been and continue to be active parts of the technology industry and multiple open-source projects to know how it is like to contribute parts of code and assets. We absolutely frown upon how companies maintain Kanban boards to prioritize tasks and how issues are used to track what is needed to be done. There is absolutely no reason why task assignments should be so vaguely expressed. Every member has a different approach to solve problems so they should never be flocked in a herd.


The way we work at AstroSonic is all intuitive. The community will have its own forum for discussions and announcements. A separate room will be provided where members can brainstorm new ideas and discuss their validity. New members would not find themselves overwhelmed as a dedicated section is provided for onboarding and explaining basics of how things work. Of course for hardened professionals who want to get to business as soon as possible, we have operations.


We understand that professionals designing machine learning models might not be inclined to work on cryptography while those working with web development might not want to get their hands on data analytics. It is alright and that is why, we have special designated teams to handle tasks that we like to call task force. At times, the task forces might need to converge together in a joint operation – like for instance when a movie recommendation system requires a frontend to let end users interact.