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What do you take away from this?

There is a lot to benefit from being in our community.

The quantifiable ones are listed below.

  • You obtain footprinted contributions on popular VCS hosting websites
  • You end up having multiple projects developed in your sleeve
  • You see an insurmountable growth in your professional network
  • You acquire multiple skills from a variety of division domains
  • You build projects that reach out as articles in Medium, etc.

The unquantifiable ones are listed below.

  • You learn the art of self-sustainability with a sense of ownership
  • You become comfortable with uncertainty and unpredictability
  • You find a surge in your team-building and leadership skills
  • You feel the satisfaction of having shipped a project built from zero
  • You get to have fun hanging out with like-minded people

The following are definitely not the takeaways we offer.

  • You will not be given any monetary compensation for your work
  • You will not be recommended to any corporation from us
  • You will not be offered any certificate as a proof your experience
  • You will not be provided any measurable evaluation for your performance
  • You will not be presented any perks or gifts of any kind

What we believe

Open-source is a thankless job but there is certainly joy in giving to the community. We understand that you might get a good amount of money for the lines of code that you write here but rarely would you get to plan things the way you would want them to be. Here you are in total control of what you should do.